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Hello all,
Lately there has been a lot of drama between me, gates, luis and jade. Im still not talking to jade and sorta to luis. Me and Gates are still like brother with that little fucker.
Jade messaged me on myspace today asking to call me....but never did "odd"
I spent the day home with serina. Shes been sick since friday, So i stayed home and kept her company. She had mono of some sort but its going away ... Its not the bad one it just lasted a week and suposed to be almost fully gone..thats what the doctor told her. thank god. shes gonna be back in school on friday if not earlier.
She was sick on friday tho and i kissed her but im still not sick so thank god i didnt catch it.
Things with her couldnt go any better. Im having an awesome time. Shes awesome
one week and one day ... thats like a record for me :P .joke.

Im putting on 2 shows

feb 18 @ cafe l'inco [8$ .... 10$ @ the door]

crimson shadow
for each new misery
as angels embrace


feb 28 @ cafe l'inco [8$]

at last divine
at detahs door
rock papper scissor
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