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been a while

well its been a while since i've written in this thing. So lets catch up. Its almost 7am and im up. I was suposed to go to foufs tonight but wasnt up for it. I pierced and stretched my ears. man that hurt like a motherfucker. but looks good ehehe.
i'm spending the weekend in oshawa. Got invited to sell merch at some big hxc show. Should be fun. Im going with gates. I've been staying at luis appartment. With gates. We're like 3 brothers who spend to much time together. The stupidity is amazing. At like 5-6am we put speakers out the appartment window and it was weird cause it was hot outside. hardly any snow. I filmed from the window and luis, cath and gates hardcore moshed in the middle of the streets for like 10 min with loud music and people walking were just like "WYF???" it was priceless and awesome.
Still single ... almost 4 years now,lol. Almost hooked up with someone but that didnt work out she was weird. Leading me on and shit but i ended before anyone got hurt.
NeverLookBack Clothing Update:
bands sponsored -scars of tomorrow
-summers end
-the bled
-bleeding through
-it dies today
-misery signals
-3mile scream
bands who wear our stuff with out sponsorship: fayne. blessed by a broken heart, cradle of filth, kittie and etc..
Going to be spending the summer on the warped tour and hellfest. Gonna be traveling alot from spring to autumn should be fun. Looking forward to it.
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