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nov 15

On monday .... went to the atreyu .. sold neverlookback merch. Got into an arguement with atticus ... they dont like competition so they kicked us out and made us stop selling cause we did so well. In the long run the promotion was awesome and people had our backs. I love cory .. he told off atticus ... he rocks.

Funeral for a friend was awesome ... im not a big fan but they had an awesome set.

Atreyu was annoying btu fun knocking down all those push moshers as we tryed to dance .. stupid bastards ... i ended up hurting my wrist. ome stupid kid elbowed me as we were trying to hardcore dance.... Chrissy you're so tough i love it.

Taking Back Sunday was alright ... to much lighting you couldnt see them. Loved the old stuff ... new stuff is okay only like 2 or 3 songs.

After the show chilled with people outside .. people came up to buy shirts that was funny. Then went to luis house .. shannon and jade were there and we all slept there.

NeverLookBack Clothing next show is the one we're putting on and then its ..
december 13 @ the medley w/ Bleeding Through. Himsa, Cradle of Filth & Arch Enemy.
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