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Today i had an awesome day. I woke up @1 left my house @2. Met up with jade, luis and adam. Then they went to laborynthe and i went to musique plus to go meet up with melly, serena and there friend. We were on tv cause we went on plus sur commande. I made an ass of my self on tv. they asked a trivia question for 2 free tickets tot he show tonite (from first to last, rise against & bad religion) i got the answer right and won the tickets. then they showed me on tv and i made a fool of myself trying to talk french.(and understanding it).
Some hobo whos like 18 recognized me from the underoath show. ahaha he was there.
Then we went to go eat burger kind. yum
The show was awesome...the bass player of from first to last (scott) was wearing a nlb shirt..ahaha awesome. (i gave it to him since he was the bleds fill in bass player) awesome guy.
This is what my schedule for the month looks likeso far...


friday nov 5 fear before the march of flames -el salon-(montreal)
saturday nov 6 florence, abandapart (somewhere in quebec)
sunday nov 7 misery signals w/ is grace enough -club saw- (ottawa)
monday nov 8 barri (ontario)
tuesday nov 9 misery signals (toronto)
nov13 project mayhem -cafe l'inco-montreal
nov15 atreyu, tbs -metropolis-(montreal)
nov19 florence, second face -cafe chaos- (montreal)
nov20 Is Grace Enough -le pub- (st bruno)

i gotta find some time for fun...
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