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x .Dead Reception. x

i havent posted something in the longest time....yes im still alive.

whats been new well....

went to valleyfield, ottawa and albany new york.
sponsor bleeding through now.
had an awesome time in ny. hung out with walls of jericho and it dies today. awesome guys. the singer of walls of jericho wow shes hot. CANDICE<3

friday went to foufs.

saturday went to go see the grudge with....jade, melissa, ryan, noel, some girl with noel, anne, luis, sacha, stef, adrian, adam, chantal ... we were a lot of people. watched the grudge....fuckin gay movie but scary. anne started to cry lol. then we went to jupiter room. @ 4am went to luis appartment...we were like 8 people sleeping there. luis, melissa and i went to tim hortons got back at luis at 6:30am. everyone passed out

been working mostly and @ luis house. im there all the time. yesterday i went to luis to help him move to his new appartment....chilled with jade, luis, shannon and adam. had a blast. @ 12 we bough food ate like pigs and couldnt stop laughing over stupidity
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