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friday i went to foufs. It was carissa's birthday so we all went. Then night started off fun, downstairs just all of us talking. Once we hit upstairs the drinking began. Fuck carissa man for a girl she can fuckin drink. The girl alone had 30 shots. plus beer and etc..
jade bad tripped so it got us all woriied.but she was fine after. Gates spent most of the night making her feel better...he bought her a rose and all. Then once that was all over with we all hit the dance floor. even i did as drunk as i was. joel is hilarious...watch out he was in the army. lol. the night ended off with carissa crying over boy stuff.

[the stuff u read here isnt half of what happened]

for my first time there it was fun.
then it closed at 3am. so we brought evan to a cab, then gates, jade, tommy and i went to a cheese cake place until 4:45am. went inside a metro and they slept on the floor lol as i layed on the escalater on top part.people just walked by us it was funny.
I got home at 7am. fell asleep right away.

saturday went to a show....rock paper sissor i left at 9:30 it was so boring. but they had a good set.
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