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[17 Aug 2005|01:06am]
new lj ... xoctobercrisisx add it

[17 Aug 2005|12:12am]
im deleting people off my lj and turning it into a friends only...so if u want to stay msg me ... ifyou have a problem with the shit i write fuck off
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[28 Jan 2005|10:10am]
Yesterday i got woken up at 9 by serina. lol not for anything waking up someone at that time is a crime. we spoke on the phone form 9 to 2. ended up passing out at 3 cause i was tired.

today gates is leaving for oshawa to go see suzy. Im gonna go say by to him and might go to for each new miserys show. if i in the mood. i missed planet smashers yesterday. mother fucker. lol.
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[27 Jan 2005|02:14am]
okay so hears an update on my life.

-this guy offered gates an i a job in his store and is buying about of 5000$ of our stock to put in his store.

-get a msg from a guy who owns toy machine (skater mark) wants to put our
clothes in every west 49 in canada. deal worth over 10 000$

-doing terrorfest in toronto all 3 days.

-confirmed for warped tour.

-been asked to go on tour with underoath at the en dof march beginning of april for a month or more.

im happy .... but serina.
a hole month with out her ... hmmm i dont no thats gonna be hard. well its 2months away. rather not worry now.
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[25 Jan 2005|01:22am]
Hello all,
Lately there has been a lot of drama between me, gates, luis and jade. Im still not talking to jade and sorta to luis. Me and Gates are still like brother with that little fucker.
Jade messaged me on myspace today asking to call me....but never did "odd"
I spent the day home with serina. Shes been sick since friday, So i stayed home and kept her company. She had mono of some sort but its going away ... Its not the bad one it just lasted a week and suposed to be almost fully gone..thats what the doctor told her. thank god. shes gonna be back in school on friday if not earlier.
She was sick on friday tho and i kissed her but im still not sick so thank god i didnt catch it.
Things with her couldnt go any better. Im having an awesome time. Shes awesome
one week and one day ... thats like a record for me :P .joke.

Im putting on 2 shows

feb 18 @ cafe l'inco [8$ .... 10$ @ the door]

crimson shadow
for each new misery
as angels embrace


feb 28 @ cafe l'inco [8$]

at last divine
at detahs door
rock papper scissor
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been a while [07 Jan 2005|06:42am]
[ mood | at ease ]

well its been a while since i've written in this thing. So lets catch up. Its almost 7am and im up. I was suposed to go to foufs tonight but wasnt up for it. I pierced and stretched my ears. man that hurt like a motherfucker. but looks good ehehe.
i'm spending the weekend in oshawa. Got invited to sell merch at some big hxc show. Should be fun. Im going with gates. I've been staying at luis appartment. With gates. We're like 3 brothers who spend to much time together. The stupidity is amazing. At like 5-6am we put speakers out the appartment window and it was weird cause it was hot outside. hardly any snow. I filmed from the window and luis, cath and gates hardcore moshed in the middle of the streets for like 10 min with loud music and people walking were just like "WYF???" it was priceless and awesome.
Still single ... almost 4 years now,lol. Almost hooked up with someone but that didnt work out she was weird. Leading me on and shit but i ended before anyone got hurt.
NeverLookBack Clothing Update:
bands sponsored -scars of tomorrow
-summers end
-the bled
-bleeding through
-it dies today
-misery signals
-3mile scream
bands who wear our stuff with out sponsorship: fayne. blessed by a broken heart, cradle of filth, kittie and etc..
Going to be spending the summer on the warped tour and hellfest. Gonna be traveling alot from spring to autumn should be fun. Looking forward to it.

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nov 15 [17 Nov 2004|04:27pm]
On monday .... went to the atreyu .. sold neverlookback merch. Got into an arguement with atticus ... they dont like competition so they kicked us out and made us stop selling cause we did so well. In the long run the promotion was awesome and people had our backs. I love cory .. he told off atticus ... he rocks.

Funeral for a friend was awesome ... im not a big fan but they had an awesome set.

Atreyu was annoying btu fun knocking down all those push moshers as we tryed to dance .. stupid bastards ... i ended up hurting my wrist. ome stupid kid elbowed me as we were trying to hardcore dance.... Chrissy you're so tough i love it.

Taking Back Sunday was alright ... to much lighting you couldnt see them. Loved the old stuff ... new stuff is okay only like 2 or 3 songs.

After the show chilled with people outside .. people came up to buy shirts that was funny. Then went to luis house .. shannon and jade were there and we all slept there.

NeverLookBack Clothing next show is the one we're putting on and then its ..
december 13 @ the medley w/ Bleeding Through. Himsa, Cradle of Filth & Arch Enemy.
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I LOVE MUSIQUE PLUS!!!! HAHAHAHA [03 Nov 2004|03:27am]
[ mood | good ]

Today i had an awesome day. I woke up @1 left my house @2. Met up with jade, luis and adam. Then they went to laborynthe and i went to musique plus to go meet up with melly, serena and there friend. We were on tv cause we went on plus sur commande. I made an ass of my self on tv. they asked a trivia question for 2 free tickets tot he show tonite (from first to last, rise against & bad religion) i got the answer right and won the tickets. then they showed me on tv and i made a fool of myself trying to talk french.(and understanding it).
Some hobo whos like 18 recognized me from the underoath show. ahaha he was there.
Then we went to go eat burger kind. yum
The show was awesome...the bass player of from first to last (scott) was wearing a nlb shirt..ahaha awesome. (i gave it to him since he was the bleds fill in bass player) awesome guy.
This is what my schedule for the month looks likeso far...


friday nov 5 fear before the march of flames -el salon-(montreal)
saturday nov 6 florence, abandapart (somewhere in quebec)
sunday nov 7 misery signals w/ is grace enough -club saw- (ottawa)
monday nov 8 barri (ontario)
tuesday nov 9 misery signals (toronto)
nov13 project mayhem -cafe l'inco-montreal
nov15 atreyu, tbs -metropolis-(montreal)
nov19 florence, second face -cafe chaos- (montreal)
nov20 Is Grace Enough -le pub- (st bruno)

i gotta find some time for fun...


[26 Oct 2004|07:02pm]
i havent posted something in the longest time....yes im still alive.

whats been new well....

went to valleyfield, ottawa and albany new york.
sponsor bleeding through now.
had an awesome time in ny. hung out with walls of jericho and it dies today. awesome guys. the singer of walls of jericho wow shes hot. CANDICE<3

friday went to foufs.

saturday went to go see the grudge with....jade, melissa, ryan, noel, some girl with noel, anne, luis, sacha, stef, adrian, adam, chantal ... we were a lot of people. watched the grudge....fuckin gay movie but scary. anne started to cry lol. then we went to jupiter room. @ 4am went to luis appartment...we were like 8 people sleeping there. luis, melissa and i went to tim hortons got back at luis at 6:30am. everyone passed out

been working mostly and @ luis house. im there all the time. yesterday i went to luis to help him move to his new appartment....chilled with jade, luis, shannon and adam. had a blast. @ 12 we bough food ate like pigs and couldnt stop laughing over stupidity
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[28 Sep 2004|10:15pm]
me weekend...

saturday....shannons party
At shannons party there was a bit of everything. Started off with a few of us just drinking. A lot of people showed up. It was fun. The party had a bit of everything.
-drunk people
-sex in bedroom/washroom
-4 cops & an ambulance
-kid faking bad tripping
-drama (crying)
-ben being gay
-sleeping all over the house....(spooning) ahaha
-morning shopping for food
-eggs and bacon for breakfest
-everyone cuddling around the living room watching much music
-getting home at 3pm sunday

today i am bored....tomorrow (wednesday) going to dawson to see steph.
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[24 Sep 2004|01:41am]
I woke up this morning to go to school....so boring. Then game back to laval then 30 minutes later i have to leave to meet gates and jason & chilled at st michel metro. Then gates and i walked downtown. We ate dinner at foufs lol. Food isnt that bad. Then everyone showed up and we got wasted....then ended up on the dance floor. Fun times. Happy Birthday Stef<3

nlb shows [24 Sep 2004|01:38am]
okay so saturday was fun sold merch at the bled/ senses fail show. We sponsor the bled now. It was so much fun.
Then sunday went to the blessed by a broken heart/fayne/hopesfall. Very fun show to see everyone again all together. Sold out all the merch. That was awesome.

[14 Sep 2004|09:01pm]
Good Charlotte - Predictable

Something isn't right
I can feel it again, feel it again
This isn't the first time
That you left me waiting
Sad excuses & false hopes high
I saw this coming still I dont know why
I let you in

I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong(something's always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
You're so predictable(so predictable)

So take your empty words, your broken promises
And all the time you stole
'Cuz I am done with this
I could give it away, give it away
I'm doing everything I should've
Now I'm makin a change, I'm livin the day
I'm givin back what you gave me

I don't need anything

I knew it all along
you're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong(something's always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
You're so predictable(so predictable)

Everywhere I go
Everyone I meet
Everytime I try to fall in love
They all wanna know why I'm so broken
Why am i so cold?!
Why I'm so hard inside
Why am I scared?!
What am I afraid of?!
I don't even know
This storys never had an end
I've been waiting,
I've been searching,
I've been hoping,
I've been dreaming you would come back
But I know the ending of this story
You're never coming back

I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong(something's always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
You're so predictable(so predictable)

Everywhere I go for the rest of my life
Everyone I love(so predictable)
Everyone I care about They're all gonna wanna know what's wrong with me
And I know what it is(so predictable)
I'm ending this right now....

this is how i feel & how i've felt for awhile.
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friday [12 Sep 2004|03:02pm]
friday i went to foufs. It was carissa's birthday so we all went. Then night started off fun, downstairs just all of us talking. Once we hit upstairs the drinking began. Fuck carissa man for a girl she can fuckin drink. The girl alone had 30 shots. plus beer and etc..
jade bad tripped so it got us all woriied.but she was fine after. Gates spent most of the night making her feel better...he bought her a rose and all. Then once that was all over with we all hit the dance floor. even i did as drunk as i was. joel is hilarious...watch out he was in the army. lol. the night ended off with carissa crying over boy stuff.

[the stuff u read here isnt half of what happened]

for my first time there it was fun.
then it closed at 3am. so we brought evan to a cab, then gates, jade, tommy and i went to a cheese cake place until 4:45am. went inside a metro and they slept on the floor lol as i layed on the escalater on top part.people just walked by us it was funny.
I got home at 7am. fell asleep right away.

saturday went to a show....rock paper sissor i left at 9:30 it was so boring. but they had a good set.

big d show [12 Sep 2004|03:01pm]
okay so thursday i went to big d and the kids table show. fuckin amazing. They played l'x for the last time. It was awesome. I saw sarah there. couch addiction was okay...there was a band from vancouver who was really good.i didnt end up going to school friday tho. cause well i was to tired. mosh/skanking =amazing ... its too long since i've been to a ska show so i was happy i went.

wednesday [12 Sep 2004|02:54pm]
each post will be about what i did on each day...i havent updated in a while.

wednesday...went to school...skipped second period french class to meet up with lee anne at mont royal metro.we walked around shopped. the went on st laurent...she got her nose pierced and her tattoo fixed up. (2 angel wings). we ate subway. then walked around and just spoke about everything about each other. from friends...to school..to anything.
got ice cream at mcdees. then went back to henri bourassa metro and said our goodbyes. such an emo moment
lee anne: i hate saying good byes
then like the longest and tightest hug ever. lol
awesome friend she is.

[10 Sep 2004|03:26pm]
how am i suposed to pay and go to all these shows??

sept 9 Big D and the Kid's Table + Young and Lost @l'X (already went)
sept 10 the planet smashers @ cafe campus 11.50$
sept 12 Bane + With Honor + Walk Aside + Hopeless Nation @l'x
sept 18 Senses Fail + The Bled + Florence @rainbow
sept 19 Hopesfall + fayne + blessed by a broken heart@l'x
sept 24 Between The Buried And Me + Cave in + Converge @rainbow 15$
sept 29 Metric @ cabaret music hall
sept 30 Billy Talent + death from above 1979 @spectrum
sept 30 Q and not u@ la sala rosa
oct 1 Every Time I Die + Misery Signals + Zao + drowningman @rainbow 15$
oct 1 Keane @spectrum
oct 1 the weakerthans @ club soda
oct 2 Franz Ferdinand
oct 8 The Killers + Ambulance LTD
oct 11 The Faint + Beep Beep + TV On The Radio @cabaret la tulipe
oct 12 interpol @ spectrum
oct 21 Northstar + Say Anything + Straylight Run + Hot Rod Circuit
oct 24 Le Tigre +
oct 31 Incubus + the music @centre bell
nov 2 bad religion + from first to last + rise against @metroplois
nov 3 Yellowcard + The Starting Line
nov 12 R.E.M
nov 15 Atreyu + Funeral For A Friend + Taking Back Sunday
nov 15 hot water music + silverstein
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[06 Sep 2004|07:42pm]
does anyone no where i can get like a flower or or like 1 rose or something like that near henri bourassa or pie-lX or even at mont royal

dont ask why.

[05 Sep 2004|09:50pm]
well the last 2 weeks have been hard on me, but its over and im better now. thanks to sofia and steven for keeping me sane.
"sucks that when i needed you the most you werent there, suprise"

other news...
went downtown today alone....went for a walk bought a belt...saw laura. that was cool its been a while i havent seen her.then went to my grandmas house for sunday family super.

[04 Sep 2004|02:54pm]
[ mood | nothing.. ]

So i've been in school all week. not bad. Taking the bus at 7am is a drag tho just to get to montreal. thursday was a fun night. awesome to see some friends i havent seen in a while. thanks for everyone who showed up. it was stressfull at first but once it started it was cool.

friday...went to school then skate park with steven and sofia (i've been with them a lot lately) kevin was there. awesome guy. gotta love his stupid sense of humour.

i've been sick for a week and a half and finaly i am better. almost 100% cured.

Want to thank those of you who where there for me when i needed you most and the majority of friends who basically didnt care.(cause well you're to busy)

neverlookback is up and running again....those of you who want some stuff look for us at the hopesfall show. plenty of merch.

p.s tania i forgot to give sofia her cv i'll give it to her tuesdays at school (i got home late and fell straight to sleep, sorry!)


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